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"A chord is not a chord until the bass player decides what note to play."


- Sting



Clayton Edwards: Bassist for Hire

Clayton Edwards is a West Texas bred electric/upright bassist who currently splits his time between Dallas/Fort Worth Tx & Nashville TN.  He studied music at Austin Community College, Weatherford College & has received private instruction from some of the industries top professionals.  From country to punk rock, Clayton is proficient with all genres of Music.

Clayton has national tour experience, playing clubs, theaters, stadiums & music festivals across the country.  Some notable venues/events include:


CMAFest - Nashville TN

Volapalooza - Knoxville TN

The Borgata Casino - Atlantic City NJ

House of Blues - Dallas Tx

The Music Farm - Charleston SC

Gas Monkey Live - Dallas Tx

Clayton is currently on Tour with Austin Texas Artist Bart Crow but still can be found playing/recording/teaching around the Dallas/Fort Worth area when off tour.  He can best be described as a pocket player & he always plays to service the song/artist first.  His overall goal, & favorite quote, is to "sit like lint in yo' pocket!"

Other notable artist Clayton has worked with would included, but not limited to:

Bart Crow - Country

Luke Pell - Country

Hannah Kirby - Blues

Joshua Scott Jones - Country

Aaron Nigel Smith - Reggae

Johnny Cooper - Pop/R&B

Gear List 


Reverend MercalliFM (5 String)

'89 Ernie Ball Music Man Stinray (5 String)

Streck Nimbus Bass (5 String)

'80 Fender Precision Special

Kala Solid Mahogany U-Bass

Gibson SG Bass

Hofner Beetle Bass

'64 Kay M1 Upright Bass


Aguilar Tone Hammer AG700

Aguilar SL 410x

Aguilar DB 112



   - Tone Hammer DI


   - GLX-D Digital Wireless


   - Tonebone OD


   - Corona Chorus


   - Bass Compressor

   - Bass Octave Deluxe

Clayton Proudly Endorses 

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